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Call time:
Wrap time:
Hours on Set:
* Use 4 digits for all times and 24 hour clock, ie 0824 for 8:24am, 1948 for 7:48pm, etc

Travel Time Start:
Mileage Roundtrip in kms:

Call Time:
Crew Call:
Processed by HMW?
(enter n if no)
Breakfast Served?
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Lunch Start:
Lunch Finish:
Fitting Start Time:
Fitting End time:
Specialty Wardrobe # of Changes:
Regular Wardrobe # of Changes:
Specialty Item/Car:
Misc., ie Pet:
Yesterday's Wrap Time
(if same show):
Yesterday's wrap @ scale?
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Yesterday's wrap in OT1?
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Yesterday's wrap in OT2?
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Today's Wrap Time:
Do you collect HST?
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HST Collected:
(you can retain a portion)
Net Pay:
Union Status (a or f):
Commission Percentage:
(just the #)
(if agent charges HST)
Net Pay Excluding
commission & HST:
Amount Invested:
(apprentice can recoup 2 years back dated retire)
First name:
First name:
First name:
First name:
First name:
First name:

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